RPF Acts Swiftly, Saves Man From Burglars At Bhubaneswar Station

Bhubaneswar: A Divisional Special Task Force (STF) Member of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) saved a man from getting robbed at Bhubaneswar Railway Station on Monday.

The incident occurred around 11 pm last night at the old PRS area of Bhubaneswar station. Finding a passenger alone, three criminals tried to snatch his gold ring and other valuables. However, as the man resisted, the burglars tried to strangulate him.

STF Member T.K Mahapatra, who was on a confidential watch at the station, noticed the criminals and saved the passenger from getting robbed. His intervention alarmed others, who rushed to the spot and nabbed the burglars.

While two were arrested, one managed to flee. Most of the belongings of the passenger have also been recovered.

In the scuffle with the criminals, T.K Mahapatra has suffered a head injury. He is currently undergoing treatment at the Divisional Railway Hospital in Khurda Road.

Meanwhile, the arrested persons have been handed over to GRP Bhubaneswar for further action.

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