Ration card has become important document during lockdown; know how to apply for it easily from home

Bhubaneswar: Today the ration card has become an important document like the Aadhar card and Pan Card. Ration card helps people not only to get free ration from the government but also it has become an identity proof of an individual. A resident of one state can get ration from another state as the union government has planned to implement the one nation-one ration scheme.

But what will you do if you do not have a ration card and are deprived of the benefits?

You should not be worried because you can easily apply for a card online.  Every state has launched its website. You can visit the website of your home state and apply for a ration card from your home without going anywhere during the lockdown.

There are two types of ration cards. While one is of a BPL category the other one is for those who do not belong to the BPL category. You have to select the category based on your income while applying for the ration card.

Every Indian citizen is eligible to apply for the ration card.  However, you must be above 18-year-old.

Now let’s know how to apply and what you should keep in mind while applying for a ration card:

  • The applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • He/she should not have a ration card from any state
  • The applicant should be more than 18-year-old
  • Children below 18-year-old will be included in the ration card of their parents
  • The ration card is made in the name of the the head of the family
  • Those who are to be included in the ration card should be related to the owner of the ration card
  • None of the family members should have ration card before applying for it

Now let’s see how you can apply easily for ration card from home:

  • You can visit the website of your home state to apply for a ration card (for example- If you are a resident of Odisha you can visit the hindiyojana.in/apply-ration-card-odisha and then click on the mahafood.gov.in to apply for it.)
  • The applicant also can apply for the ration card in the common service centre.
  • While applying for the ration card you can produce either your Aadhar card, or voter ID or your passport as your ID proof.
  • If you do not have any of these, you can produce any of the ID cards approved by the union government like health card and driving license.
  • You will have to pay Rs 5 to Rs 45 while applying for the ration card
  • Once the application is filled then it will be sent for the field verification
  • The verification process will be concluded within 30 days and
  • The ration card will be issued within 30 days after the verification
  1. rahul says

    the links doesn’t show to apply for odisha ration card, please provide valid links for odisha

  2. Sudarshan gouda says

    I need ration card

  3. Itishree sahoo says

    Mai married hogeithi ishliya mera name kat hogya. Mera abhi divorce hua fhir name add karne keliy main municipality office geithi mereko sub bolreithi ajj ao kal aao ashe kehereithi mereko kharap lagreithi mere 1sal ka beti hai bahut taklip mai hun plz mere card karado

  4. Itishree sahoo says

    Plz main bahut taklip hun mere card karado main bahut parisan hogeithi municipality bar bar jake

  5. Gautam Dey says

    where is the mahafood.gov.in button.

  6. Samira. Naik says

    AT Ainly pot Ainly PS kohasara mobile 7735298395

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