Rare owl rescued in Similipal Forest area in Mayurbhanj dist of Odisha

Mayurbhanj: A rare owl has been rescued in Similipal Forest area in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha on Thursday. It was rescued from Baladhia village under Pithakata Forest Range in this district.

As per reports, Balidiha Forest officer Snehalata Dhal sighted the owl that had been entangled in a trap. As she saw it, she freed it from the net and brought it to the Forest Beat.

Snehalata is the woman who was in talk few days before after she danced as it rained in Similipal forest following a few days of forest fires. Today after rescuing the owl, she has again hit the headlines.

The Forest officer has intimated that since the owl is hurt it has been kept under treatment. Once it gets recovered, it will be released to the forest.

Earlier, on April 15 last year a rare owl had been rescued from Santolnagari village in Cuttack district of Odisha.

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