Rare owl rescued from Odisha’s Cuttack district

Cuttack: A rare owl has been rescued from Santolnagari village in this district of Odisha on Wednesday.

As per reports, a flock of crows were haunting the owl behind the shop of Ranjan Sahu near the Lord Shiva temple in the village.


After noticing about it Sugyan Behera, Alekha Patra, Pradeep Sahu, Sushanta Das and Kanhu Behera of the village rescued the owl and informed Forest department officials.

After getting information Phulanakhara Range officer Anjali Behera reached the spot along with other staffs and rescued the owl and took it for treatment.

The Forest department has said that after the owl recovers it will be released in the forest.

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  1. Prince says

    It is a barn owl and nothing rare about it.

  2. Pratik says

    Its is not rare….its barnowl …in odia laxmipecha

  3. AM says

    It’s Garuda..not owl

  4. Berhampuria says

    It’s rare for cuttakias LoL

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