Rare happening: Last rite of goat performed in Odisha’s Keonjhar dist

Keonjhar: At a time when even family members are keeping them away from the dead body of their deceased relatives due to Covid, a rare happening is making the rounds in Keonjhar district where an issueless couple performed the last rite of their pet goat like it is done in case of a human.

As per reports, Dhaneshwar Naik and his wife Minati of Tentela village in Budhikapudi panchayat under Patna block of Keonjhar district are still issueless though they married 30 years ago. Although Minati had high hope that someday she would become a mother, finally it could not happen.

The poor couple had kept about 30 goats at their home as pets. Out of them ‘Matal’ was unique. It was a male baby goat which lived with the couple for 8 long years and they treated it like their son. It would sleep with them and eat rice, dal etc. like human. As per Minati, as she would call it by its name, it would run to her.

The goat died on Wednesday due to some reason. The next thing was the couple called for the neighbours and all of them performed the last rites of the pet exactly like a human. They took it as the last journey to their backyard, prepared a funeral pyre, place it there and set the fire.

The rare incident has become the talk of the town while people who had come in contact with the goat are sad.

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