Rare glass octopus spotted, viral video mesmerizes internet; Watch

A rare glass octopus was spotted on camera recently. A short clip of the rare species of glass octopus, Vitreledonella richardi, has been posted on Twitter.

“The glass octopus (Vitreledonella richardi) is a very rarely seen cephalopod found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. These beautiful creatures are found in the deep sea where sunlight doesn’t reach,” The Oxygen Project captioned the video while sharing it on its Twitter handle.

The 55-second-long video shows the rare species of glass octopus, which resides deep down in the ocean where sunlight cannot reach, is completely transparent except for its eyes, optic nerve, and digestive tract.

The Glass Octopus is assumed to be as big as a bowling pin (45 cm, 1.5 feet) and has 8 arms. It is too small when compared to other cephalopods that live in the deep.

According to the instagram.com, the glass octopuses weren’t discovered until 1918. “According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, glass octopuses are found in tropical and subtropical regions in the deep ocean—specifically in the mesopelagic or twilight zone, 656 to 3280 feet below the surface and the bathypelagic or midnight zone, which is around 3280 to 9800 feet,” said instagram.com in its report.

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