Rare fish worth around Rs 2 lakh caught in Kendrapara

Rajnagar: Curiosity reached its peak among the locals at Talachua beach under Rajnagar area of Kendrapara district today after a group of fishermen caught a rare species of fish costing very high in the market.

As per the report, a group of fishermen who ventured into the sea last night found the exotic fish commonly known as ‘Mayur’ and kept it for the display for the visitors. A large number of people turned up to see it.

The fish will cost a whopping Rs 10,000 per Kg in the market will be sent to Digha, informed a fisherman from the group. The total cost of the fish will be over Rs 2 lakh, he added.

Notably, on June 20 this year a group of fishermen had caught a rare species fish commonly called Ghol and locally famous as Teleia off Dhamra coast. The same was sold at Rs 6,000 a kg. The entire fish (30 kg) was sold for Rs 1.80 lakh at Chandinipal fishing centre.

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