Rare crab resembling Lord Jagannath’s Narasingha Avatar found from Puri Sea Beach in Odisha: Watch

Puri: A rare crab that resembles Lord Narasingha of Hindu mythology was found from Sea beach of Puri in Odisha. Lord Jagannath, whose abode is in Puri, descends in ten incarnations during Rath Yatra. Narasingha Avatar is one among these 10. Hence, locals have believed finding of the said crab as a divine symbol by the Lord of the Universe for His devotees.

As per reports, two fish sellers from Behera Sahi of Penthakata in Puri had gone to purchase fish to the beach when they found the crab entangled in the fishing net. When they rescued the crab and put a close look they found the holy symbol. The astonished fish sellers showed it to others and within no time large number of people crowded the place to witness the rare crab.

Talking to Kalinga TV Arakshita Behera, one of the persons who got the crab said that Puri these days have seen many odd things for which people are scared. I believe, through this crab, which exactly look like Lord Narasingha, Lord Jagannath has assured His devotees that nothing to worry and His blessings is always there for the devotees.

The rare appearance of the crab has arisen curiosity among the locals and it has become the talk of the town.

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