Rare calf spotted in Bhadrak dist of Odisha: Watch

Chandbali: In an unusual instance, a rare calf has been spotted in Bhadrak district of Odisha. The calf has abnormality in its face which makes it difficult for for drinking and eating.

As per reports, the calf took birth yesterday in the house of Ghauli Mahalik at the Mahalik Sahi in Sundarpur Panchayat under Chandbali block in this district.

As per the locals the two eyes are attached with each other and are on it’s forehead. Also, the mouth has some abnormality which is making difficult for the animal to drink and eat. The calf’s tongue also has some abnormality.

Due to the physical abnormalities the calf is feeling difficulty in drinking and the mother cow is also not able to feed its new-born. Accordingly, the two are just licking each other creating an emotional sight for the onlookers.

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