‘Rajarajeshwara Besha’ Of Trinity Attracts Huge Crowd in Puri Odisha

Puri: The holy trinity, Lord Jagannath  and his siblings will give darshan to the devotees in a gold based avatar which is popularly known as the  ‘Rajarajeshwara Besha’.

A huge number of devotees have gathered at the famous Shree Jagannath Temple in Puri to witness the same.

Today happens to be the full moon day of ‘Pausha’ month according to the Hindu holy calendar. On this day a special ‘Pushyabhishek’ ritual is held.

Arrangements have been made for hassle free conduct of the rituals and for crowd management.

The ceremonial crowning of Lord Jagannath happens today. He and his siblings are adorned with gold ornaments, making them look like members of the royal family, hence the name ‘Rajarajeshwara’.

The belief is that the holy trinity, Saints and other Gods and Goddesses arrive to witness the ‘Pushyabhishek’.

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