Raid On Gupchup Vendors In Cuttack, See Details

Cuttack: The Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) has conducted a raid on gupchup vendors in Cuttack on Saturday.

According to reports, the raid was conducted on the gupchup vendors in Nakaiepada area of Cuttack where gupchup was being manufactured.

Huge amount of stale gupchup has been seized from the area.

The gupchup was being manufactured in extremely unhealthy and unhygienic conditions said reports.

It is noteworthy that gupchup manufacturing is being carried out at various other places in Cuttack, which will also be raided at a later stage said source

  1. Rameswar Pattanayak says

    Instead of sellers buyers should be hounded out of roads and unruly should be made to pay fine. Once done menace will go.

    1. Shreenal says

      Excuse me , as a citizen of India we all have the right to act. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating outside , just the problem is with the sellers . If they take good care of the sanitation process and make good and healthy food following all hygiene , the number of consumers will increase leading to the increase in their business as well. Kindly think right and Do right

  2. Shreenal says

    Everyone has the right to eat , laugh, speak and walk . There’s nothing wrong in it and no democratic government can deny it . We all love in a democratic country , we must think in a very democratic way giving everyone all the freedom they deserve but in a legal way. I am against your opinion that the buyers should be hounded out of the roads . First of all , your opinion makes me think of u as an uneducated person. I might be very much younger than you but I guess I am much more wiser and aware of the things in the world than you. Please think wisely and in a cool manner before spitting out anything on internet . I guess u know what you have to do now .
    Your well-wisher,

  3. Jk says

    Food unhygienic is even in 5 star hotels, that can’t be seen where as these innocent gupchups gt seen

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