Radhaballav Math In Front Of Shri Jagannath Temple Being Demolished Today

Puri: The Radhaballav Math in front of the of Puri Shri Mandir is being demolished today.

The Radhaballav Math is 9 meters from the 75-meter Shri Jagannath Temple Heritage Corridor, that is why it has to be demolished. The Math has 13 shops in the premises.

The demolition is being carried out under the direct supervision of the Deputy District Magistrate. The police force has been deployed in view of the law and order situation.

On the 26th of last month, the state government passed the Shrimandir Parikrama Yojana in the Assembly for the development of Shrikshetra. “It is our responsibility to see how the devotees will return safely and feel blessed,” said the CM of Odisha.

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