Puri: ‘Krushna Balarama Besha’ of Lord Jagannath-Balabhadra held

Puri:  Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannatha and Balabhadra Prabhu in the Srimandira of Puri were dressed like Lord Krishna and Balarama on the “Trayodashi (thirteenth day) of “Krushna Pakshya” (dark fortnight) of lunar month “Bhadraba” on Sunday. This is known as the “Krushna Balarama Besha”.

In Krushna-Balaram besha various materials like “solo” (pith), cane, cotton and flowers are used to create this “Besha”. Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannatha was dressed like Lord Shree Krushna, Balabhadra Prabhu in Balaram Besha and Maa Subhadra Devi in a Padmasana posture, dressed in Chaturbhuja Besha bearing ‘Ayudhas’.

The “Sandhya Dhupa” ritual is performed in this “Besha”.Some captures of “Anna Pratha Prastaba” organised by “Goudabada Sahi” performed today as per the tradition of “Shree Krushna Leela” in Shree Mandira.

On the auspicious occasion of Bhadraba Krushna Trayodashi Tithi yesterday, after the completion of Madhyanha Dhupa, the Krushna Balaram Besha of the deities was done. The deities are adorned with ornaments and are offered kheeri and Amalu Bhoga.

Later, the ‘Anna pratha prastaba’ was conducted by Goudabada Sahi after the arrival of Lord Madanamohana from the Dakhini ghara.

On this occasion the “Pralambasura Badha Prastaba” ritual was also performed as per the tradition of “Shree Krushna Leela” in Shree Mandira.

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