Public Hearing Of Jagannath Temple Heritage Corridor To Take Place Today

Puri: A public hearing on the 75-meter-long heritage corridor around the shrine will be held today. Landowners and traders who will be affected by the resettlement and the reinstatement scheme will have their say on the matter today.

The hearing will be held at the Niladri Bhakta Niwas. Most homeowners have sold land and houses to the state government through compromise negotiations.

Some landowners in the northwestern corner of the shrine have filed a lawsuit in the High Court. New land acquisition laws have been enacted for people who have not sold land in the compromise talks.

It has been proposed that the demolished shopkeepers and traders be provided in the market-complex under construction schemes.

It is to be noted that, on Monday, the Chief Minister visited Puri and inspected the progress of the development of the heritage corridor. Since then, the district administration has been working to accelerate land acquisition and development.

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