Primary school teacher caught red-handed while taking Rs 2000 bribe in Odisha

Cuttack: Vigilance sleuths detained a primary school teacher while she was accepting bribe of Rs 2,000 from a LIC agent in Odisha’s Cuttack district on Thursday.

The accused has been identified as Rasmiprava Satpathy. She is currently posted as Headmaster of govt primary school in Ranganisahi, Tulsipur under Dampada block in the district.

According to reports, Satpathy had demanded Rs 2,000 from the LIC agent to issue a birth certificate. Following which, the agent approached the vigilance and lodged a complaint against the accused.

On the basis of the complaint, the vigilance sleuths organised a trap and caught the accused teacher while she was accepting bribe from the complainant.

Later, the vigilance officials also conducted a raid at her residence and other places belonging to the woman teacher.

Sources said, Satpathy was scheduled to retire from her service on February 29, 2020.

Primary school teacher Caught Red-handed While Taking Rs 2000 Bribe in Odisha

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  1. Abhilipsa Mishra says

    If u hv guts go and arrest political leaders instead of arresting old woman just for 2000.

  2. Amit says

    Great very effective vigilance department… for arresting some one who is 2k as a bribe.. What abt who are taking lakhs

  3. Mo says

    Funny ..there are people getting bribe in millions..and they catch someone who has taken 2000 and that’s news

  4. Mkambika says

    Of course she is to get retired on 29 Feb 2020. By mistake she might has taken the bribe. The vigilance has to confirm weather the LIC agent is having any enemity with this head master

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