Pratap Jena takes stock of ‘Fani’ construction work in Cuttack

Cuttack: Odisha Urban Development Minister Pratap Jena paid a visit to Cuttack and its neighbouring places to take stock of Fani aftermath developmental work today. He also held a meeting with the administrative officials in Bikash Bhawan here.

During his visit, the Minister discussed the problems faced by the residents due to JICA which has given rise to waterlogging. He had also assured that the government will do everything to rebuild Cuttack. He urged the contractors to accelerate the work of JICA and give permanent relief from waterlogging to the residents before Dussehra.

In a cue, work on the drainage and sewerage projects of Cuttack city, undertaken by a Japanese governmental agency, going on for more than five years. However, the focus will be on quickening of JICA work in the millennium city.

He also asked the contractors cleaning the clogged drains of Jobra immediately by using the advance technology. He probed the team to take necessary steps for the development of the city and complete the work before Dussehra.

Pratap Jena said, Badambadi as the face of the city would be developed by his government. The light system, sanitation will also be renewed. He would also try to solve the problems of water logging in the area.

Later, the woes of Malgodown area during rainy season was also discussed in the meeting.

The worst affected areas were Badambadi and Roxy Lane will have permanent relief from woes of waterlogging.  The situation of the low lying areas will be improved before the month of October, he added.

Later, he visited  Kalyan Nagar, Mohanadi Vihar and other parts of the city to take stock of the developmental work.

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