Potato Price Rise Affects Consumers in Odisha

Bhubaneswar/Cuttack: After onions made consumers cry, it is now the turn of potatoes. The price of the humble vegetable has started to rise considerably.

Potato is a staple in every Odia diet. According to sources, the rise is due to the untimely rainfall in many parts of Odisha and West Bengal. The harvest is slower and hence the price rise.

The price of potatoes was around Rs. 20 to Rs. 25 a few days back, but it has increased to around Rs. 35 to Rs. 40 since yesterday.

The shopkeepers were very disappointed at the rise. They echoed the same idea saying that it is due to the untimely rains. Lifting of crops has not been possible due to heavy rains they further added.

Dry weather will bring down the rates an expert commented.

Consumers are scared post the onion rise, and pray for a early reduction of prices.

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