Police Officers Not On Rath Yatra Duty Restricted From Visiting Puri

Puri: Police officers other than those posted in Puri district and those deputed to maintain law and order duty during Rath Yatra will not be permitted to visit the town on any official duty till July 4.

“Possibility of some officers alone or with family visiting Puri on the pretext of official work or otherwise for darshan cannot be totally ruled out,” the order said.

“Since most of access control is by police, we have the extra responsibility of not only enforcement but also appearing to be fair in such enforcement,” the DGP said.

“Hence it is hereby laid down that other than officers posted in Puri district and those deputed for law and order duty by State Police Headquarters no officers will be permitted to go on official duty to Puri till July 4, 2020,” he added.

In case of duty is urgent and cannot be postponed, the police personnel can take permission from State Police Headquarters for a visit to Puri on official duty.

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