Police leave for Belapada to probe Odisha album actress Simran Singh’s death

Sambalpur: Jharsuguda police on Friday left for Belapada in Balangiri district to probe the death of famous Sambalpuri album actress Simran Singh who was found dead under Mahanadi Bridge near Goira Matha in the district under mysterious circumstances yesterday.

According to reports, a five-member team from Jharsuguda went to Belapada, from where her boyfriend Ranju Suna was detained by the cops.

Meanwhile, the last voice message of Simran Singh, who is commonly known as ‘Selfie Bebo,’ has gone viral in the social media today.

In the message, Simran is heard crying and telling that she is going far away from everyone. The voice message seems to have been addressed to her husband Yug.

It is expected that police will get some leads from Simran’s voice massage as it is said that she and Yug reportedly had a troubled married life. Earlier, she and her family members had lodged complaints of harassment against her husband at Jharsuguda Police station.

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