Police Commissioner Sudhansu Sarangi helps out mentally ill person


Bhubaneswar: Commissioner of Police Sudhansu Sarangi has come forward to help out a mentally ill person named Shreejit Padhi who was roaming here and there in Puri Badadanda as a mad man for the last few years. Initially, Padhi’s friends rescued him from Puri and later wanted to admit him to a hospital for treatment. As they requested Sarangi he showed his noble gesture and asked some authorities to take necessary steps so that the victim can be admitted to SCB.

As per reports Srijeet Padhi who was roaming in the streets of Puri became mentally ill after failing in the OAS examination.

Reports further say that Padhi was a meritorious student and many of his friends are well placed. After failing in the OAS examination he became mentally ill. Initially he was living with his family. Yet, after a few years he started roaming around the grand trunk road in Puri as a mad man. All his family members are well to do. His family is from Badasankha of Puri.

After the case of Srijeet Padhi highlighted in media his friends came to his rescue. As per their request Police commissioner Sudhansu Sarangi instructed an official to make necessary arrangement so that the needy patient can  get admitted to the hospital for treatment.

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