Plane makes emergency landing on road: Watch viral video

A heart-stopping moment has been caged in a video where it can be seen that an aircraft lands on a road where cars and other vehicles are plying. The video has gone viral after being uploaded to social media.

As per a report published in Moneycontrol the incident took place in North Carolina. The report further states that Vincent Fraser was flying with his father-in-law over Swain County when the engine of his aircraft began to fail. He then went through his checklist and became abe to get the aircraft restart and fly for a couple of seconds, but eventually it started dropping on last Sunday morning.

As the pilot got convinced that he can’t fly the craft anymore he decided to go for emergency landing. He tried to look for a place where he can land the airplane. Yet it was a mountainous terrain. Luckily, he spotted a road where the plane can be landed.

The first thing that came up to the pilot’s mind was he should not kill or hurt anybody by attempting this unusual landing. Finally, he landed by dodging traffic and power lines. He could lower the plane and land on the road while vehicles were normally plying on the road.

The emergency landing was captured on his GoPro camera from the cockpit and the footage later was shared on social media by Swain County Sheriff’s Office, the report said. The video went viral.

The most important thing was that luckily no one was hurt in the incident.

Watch the video here:


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