Photo of girl kissing boy while tangled with huge snakes goes viral: Watch

A shocking photograph has gone viral recently where we can see that a girl and a boy are romancing while they are tangled with huge snakes. After getting uploaded to Instagram the photo has so far earned more than 4,000 likes.

Uploaded by we can see in the photo that a beautiful girl is kissing a boy on his lips while the couple has been tangled with huge snakes including different species and colours of pythons, cobras and anacondas.

Photo: Instagram

Generally while it is a frightening thing to come across with a snake, the couple was seen calmly romancing each other without any fear or any external stress though they have been tangled with heavy snakes.

The photo has earned mixed reactions on Instagram. A user wrote, “Nothing is cool with that..” Another user wrote, “Really loved it.. But how are they breathing peacefully with those heavy snakes on them…? And another Instagram user names it to be, “Romantically sweet.”


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