Pet dog saves owner from snake bite, dies a hero

Pet dog saves owner from snake as he spots the snake entering the house in Sambalpur of Odisha, however the dog looses his life in the fight.

Sambalpur: The loyalty of a pet dog is second to none, this has been proved yet again as a dog has laid down its life while saving its owner from a snake.

A pet dog saved its owner from a snake bite in Sambalpur district of Odisha, according to reliable reports on Friday. The dog was outside the house when he spotted the poisonous snake and rushed to fight it.

But unfortunately the dog ‘Blacky’, later died due to snake poison spreading in its body. The owner loved Blacky a lot while Blacky too was possessive about his owner.

We all know that dogs are the most loyal and trustworthy among all animals, this has been proved once again. A pet dog laid down his life for his owner.

A pet dog named Blacky died after being rescued by his owner’s family. Jayanarayan Mahapatra of Golkunda village in Burla kept the German Shepherd dog for 15 long years.

However late last night, a snake tried to enter into the house when both of them started attacking each other. But at the end, Blacky lost his life due to the snake bite. However, it has been reported that the cobra also died as Blacky bit him.

The entire family is highly distressed and in utter disbelief of the fact that their loyal and loving pet dog Blacky is no more.

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