Pet Dog Proves Loyalty, Fights King Cobra And Prevents It From Entering Owner’s House In Odisha

Bhanjanagar: There is no doubt that dog is one of the most loyal animals in the world. If you love dogs, care for them and give them just food and shelter, they will help you and protect you at the cost of their lives when you are in danger. One such incident has now come to the fore in Bhanjanagar are of Odisha’s Ganjam district in which a pet dog fought with a poisonous King Cobra while guarding its owner’s house.

According to reports, one Ballabha Nayak of Baniapali village of the district had kept a street dog as his pet. Recently, Ballabha and his family members were not there in the house. However, the doors were somehow opened.

In the meantime a King Cobra, which reportedly came from the nearby forest, tried to enter the house. But, the pet dog prevented the reptile from entering the house and had a furious fight.

The poisonous snake also put all its effort to attack the dog and covered itself around the body of the dog. Hearing the dog’s barking, some neighbors of Ballabh went to the spot and rescued the dog. The snake was also killed.

The condition of the dog, which sustained minor injury during its fight with the snake, is said to be good now.

Meanwhile, loyalty of the dog has now become the talk of town.

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  1. Shankar Saran says

    Loyalty of the dog is highly appreciated. But the snake should not have been killed.

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