People worship boulder that collapses from hill in Odisha’s Nabarangpur

Umerkote: Modern people may take it as blind belief, but the villagers of Galibhatta in Nabarangpur district of Odisha have showed great faith on a huge stone that slid from the hill a few days back. The locals have started worshiping the boulder believing it to be a God.

As per reports, a huge boulder rolled down about 1 km from its place at the cliff of Podagad hill in Galibhatta village under Umerkote block of the district few days back.

Soon people started flocking to the spot to witness the boulder. Now, query turned into belief and the locals started worshiping it. Not only the locals, even now people from far places, including Chhattishgarh have also been visiting the place for worship.

Podagad hill bears historical importance. Historians claim that it was the capital of the Nala dynasty. Old forts, temples and ancient idols are found at different points across the hill.

The locals believe that the hill also has spiritual values. And hence after falling of the boulder, they started worshiping it.

As per the villagers, the stone is a god. After worshiping it for 21 days a yagnya will be organised following which the shira, the local priest, would be informed in his dreams about the god in the boulder.

Researchers have also opined that falling of the stone may be a super natural affair, because normally boulder slides from the hill either as an effect of earthquake or lightening. Yet, in the recent case the boulder collapsed though no such things happened. Since now, Corona virus pandemic is wreaking havoc, it may be a indication by the God, the locals have believed.

(Report: Anurag Patnaik, Umerkote)

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