People Of Baripada Opt For Voluntary Shutdown Due To Rising Covid-19 Cases

Mayurbhanj: In a rare incident, the citizens of Baripada have voluntarily declared a shutdown in order to contain the spread of corona virus.

Reportedly, the pandemic is rapidly spreading in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha and especially under the Baripada municipality.

Although the government and the district administration has lifted up the Covid guidelines, the people of Baripada have voluntarily shutdown the shops and market places in order to contain the spread of the pandemic any further in their area.

The voluntary shutdown has been implemented for a period of seven days by different trade unions and associations of the city.

The people of the city have opted to such a shutdown as an attempt to keep themselves safe from the corona virus infection.

The district has reported 1,272 numbers of active cases, after the recovery of 6,210 patients from among 7,506 numbers of infected patients.

While Government records depict, death of 21 patients being infected by the virus.

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