Peon locks himself in bank for not getting salary for 13 months

Bhubaneswar: A peon locked himself inside the bank where he works on Wednesday. Everybody thought he was trying to commit suicide. Accordingly, Police were intimated who rushed to the bank and opened the gate from outside and found him sleeping.

As per reports, Jagajivan Chaudhuri, a peon of Odisha State Co-Operative Bank at the Kharavela Nagar in the capital city had locked himself inside the bank and did not open the doors till 12 noon.

Seeing this, the other staff members of the bank thought that he has committed suicide. Accordingly, Police were informed. Police came to the bank when the other bank staff said Police that like Chaudhuri, even they want to commit suicide. It has been learnt that the peon had not been paid his salary for the last 13 months.

However, Police asked them not to worry and then opened the doors from outside.

On entering inside, Police found that the said peon was sleeping. However, he was not feeling well and hence was shifted to a hospital.

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