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PAN card is lost or letters have been worn? Make another card like this for 50 rupees


If you have lost your PAN card or have been placed somewhere that is not found, you can take a new PAN card. In the same way, even if the printed letters are rubbed on your PAN card, you can get it printed again. But this will be done only if there is no change in the name and address according to the Aadhaar linked to your PAN.

Today’s PAN card or PAN number has become a very important document. Whether you do a financial transaction, open an account with a bank, invest in a mutual fund, trade in the stock market or buy a house or flat, PAN number is demanded everywhere. A demat account is opened only if you have a PAN number. On joining the job, the first PAN card is sought. That is why the child did not get out of school after studying that PAN card is made.

The PAN card is the documentary proof of the Permanent Account Number in your Income Tax Department (Income Tax). In the things we have mentioned above, it is necessary to submit photo copy of PAN card as documentary proof. Therefore, if your PAN card is lost or the letters written on it are not clearly visible, then apply for another PAN card. This application can be uploaded online.

You must have known that PAN card is being linked to Aadhaar card. In most cases, the PAN and Aadhar link has been made. If your PAN card is lost and you want to reprint it, it will be done. But if you want to get some modification done in it which is different from Aadhaar card then it will not be possible. The name address which is entered in the Aadhaar card, the same name address will also be in that PAN.

You have to go to the NSDL e-Gov website to apply. Its link is https: // www.onlineservices.nsdl. com / paam / ReprintEPan.html. There you will have a request open. You have to enter PAN number, Aadhaar number, date of birth etc. Not only this, you can also get this facility by clicking on ‘Instant e-PAN’ on the e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department. You will also have to submit the application by filling the required information.

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