Owner of three busses turns garage mechanic due to COVID crisis in Odisha

Jharsuguda: The Covid-19 has drastically affected the economical state of many people globally by snatching away their livelihood due to which it has become very difficult for people to arrange a day’s meal.

In such situation several people also have changed their profession or have adopted different means of earning money. Such vivid example is seen in Jharsuguda district of Odisha.

An owner of three busses has now been forced by the COVID-19 pandemic to become a garage mechanic.

Reportedly, one Shankarshan Pradhan (55), the owner of three busses from Gumadera of Jharsuguda district who once was the employer of  eight employees, is now himself an employee of an auto-parts garage.

The public transportation services had been suspended by the government due to shutdown which was imposed for the last seven months to contain coronavirus.

Ultimately giving rise to financial crisis for the transport service owners. As Pradhan’s Tarini travels also went through the same situation and all his busses had gone off-road, he was unable to feed his family members or pay his employees.

Finding no way out, Pradhan finally opted to work in Ashok parts, an auto parts garage as a motorcycle mechanic. Pradhan is trying hard to meet his family’s need with a daily wage of Rs 500 which he gets from the garage.

bus owner working as garage mechanic

Though, the government has issued guidelines for the unlock stage 4 permitting the the bus owners to run their busses, Pradhan is incapable to get his busses on-road as he lacks the money required for the insurances, taxes and maintenance works .

Above all, the burden on his shoulders has become too heavy with the notice from finance companies demanding installments grossing Rs 25,000 to be deposited regularly from this month.

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