Over 4000 Driving Licenses Suspended In Odisha for Violating Traffic Rules

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha police has now taken strict action against those who break the traffic rules across the state. The driving licenses (DLs) of over 4,000 individuals have been suspended within 21 days.

The DLs of 4,267 persons have been suspended for a period of three months from 1st-21st January for various traffic violations including drunken driving, over speeding, jumping red light, using mobile while driving, carrying passengers out taking overload on goods vehicle, non wearing of helmet by both rider & pillion etc across the State, tweeted, The State Transport Authority (STA), Odisha.

Data shared by State Transport Authority

2,688 persons were suspended for non-wearing of helmet
728 for over speeding,
255 for using mobile phone while driving,
99 for signal jumping,
78 for drunken driving,
32 for non-fastening of seat belt,
66 for overload in goods carriages,
40 for overloading by persons in goods carriages,
281 for other violations.

The top five Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) that have suspended DL of persons are RTO-1 Bhubaneswar (654), RTO-2 Bhubaneswar (548), Cuttack (537), Sambalpur (410), and Rourkela (279).

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