Over 1 quintal of Ganja seized in Odisha, 5 arrested

Mohana: A huge cache of ganja was seized from various places in Koraput district and five persons were arrested in this connection.

The accused persons have been identified as four residents of Uttar-Pradesh and one from Koraput district.

According to sources, Adaba police intercepted a vehicle, conducted a raid and seized about 17 kg of contraband from them. The ganja was being illegally transported from Koraput to Bhubaneswar.

In the meantime, Mohana police also conducted a raid. During the raid they seized 89 kg of ganja and it was transported from Kenduguda area to Uttar-Pradesh.

The seized ganja is worth 7 lakhs and have arrested five persons in this connection.

Later, the accused persons were court forwarded.

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