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Onion Price shoots up to Rs 80/kg In Odisha


Cuttack: Onion price have touched Rs 80/kg in Odisha , bringing back the fear of the unnatural spike in the last year.

Till a week ago, the price of the onion was Rs 40-50/kg and now its on the rise Rs 80 per kg.

The prices of the onion have impacted due to the incessant rains in the area.

Odisha is dependent on Nashik, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka for the onions.

Due to continous rains the onion crops have been badly damaged and have also hit the quality of onions stored, said a wholesale onion trader of Chattrabazar .

Earlier, around 8 to 10 trucks loaded with onions use to come to Chhatrabazar, but now it has reduced to 2-3 trucks.

At one go, the whole sale price of onion has rose to 4000 per quintal at various wholesale markets.

The increase in the price of the onions during this festive month has irked the consumers.

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