Old Odia movie ‘Rakta Golapa’ to be screened in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar:  A special screening of old Odia classic movie ‘Rakta Golapa’ will be held in Jaydev Bhavan, Bhubaneswar at 6.30 pm on April 29, 2019. A book on Odia film by Dr Dilip Pani will also be released on this occasion.

Screening of the movie ‘Rakta Golapa’ is part of ‘Smruti Chhaya – 16’ (the sixteenth chapter of Smruti Chhaya event). Organised by Film Journalists’ Forum (FJF), the event will witness a brief ceremony where eminent personalities associated with ‘Rakta Golapa’ will be honoured followed by the book release.

‘Rakta Golapa’ is a popular old Odia romantic tragedy film that was released on November 9, 1977 and earned much applause. The film stars Suresh Mahapatra, Banaja Mohanty, Sriram Panda, Radha Panda and Ramesh Panigrahi in the lead roles.

The film has some popular numbers like ‘Mamata Ra Madhumati Sarami Latika’ sung by Akshaya Mohanty and S. Janaki, ‘Mana Rasia Re E Mora Mana Chhuin Ja Re’ sung by Pranab Patnaik, Dhananjaya Satapathy and H.P.Geeta, ‘Manara Manisha Jadi’ sung by S. Janaki and ‘Bholare Bhola’ sung by Dhananjaya Satapathy. Music of the film has been scored by Dhananjaya Satapathy. Made under Banani films ‘Rakta Golapa’ has been directed by Bhimeswar Rao.

Odias should be proud that many old Odia movies were like mile stones. Many of them have been widely appreciated not only by Odia film buffs but even many non-Odia film fans, both in the state and national level are fans of old Odia movies for its rich content, extraordinary showcase of artistic talent and even use of technology. There are some Odia movies that have been made in other languages. In nutshell, most of the old odia movies are precious enough to be preserved. And Film Journalists Forum should be lauded for its great work of preserving old odia films. So far the forum has screened fifteen old odia movies and this is Smruti Chhaya’s sixteenth chapter.

The book titled ‘Odia chalachitrara Sahityika O Sanskrutika Mulyayana’ (Literary and social value of Odia films), written by Dr Dilip Pani will also be released on this occasion.

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