Odisha woman pens down emotional letter before suicide

Balasore: In a heart-wrenching incident, a woman committed suicide leaving an emotional handwritten suicide note on Monday, as she was going through a lot of pain due to her poor health condition.

The incident took place in Gandibed village under Khaira block of Balasore district in Odisha. The deceased has been identified as Minakshi Biswal, the wife Sanjay Roul.

According to reports, Minakshi was married to Sanjay eight years ago. She had a six-year-old daughter and everything was going well in her life.

However, she started experiencing pain in her chest for some days. She had informed regarding the ailment to her family and then she underwent an operation. However, the effort was in vain as there was no improvement in her health condition.

Yesterday evening, Minakshi informed her mother-in-law regarding the increasing pain she was going through, and then she went to sleep after having her dinner.

Then her family members after waking up in the morning found Minakshi’s body hanging with a saree from the fan in the kitchen room.

A suicide note was recovered near Minakshi’s body, in which she had written that nobody is responsible for her death.

Minakshi also wrote that, for how long she will eat medicine to control the unbearing pain, which is why she committed suicide. She also had asked in her husband in the letter to take care of her daughter.

Meanwhile, the local police started an investigation into the matter by seizing Minakshi’s body and the suicide note.

Minakshi was working as a teacher in a private school at Soro while her husband works in the Indian Army.

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