Odisha: Surgeon Attacked While Performing Surgery, Hospital Vandalized

Nabarangpur:  An attack on an eye-surgeon by a former employee was reported in the district headquarter hospital, Nabarangpur.

Assistant Surgeon Khagapati Patra was performing surgery, when 6 miscreants broke into the surgery room.

Dr Khagapati was dragged by his collar outside the surgery room into the corridor. But he managed to escape the grip of miscreants and shut himself down in the surgery room.

Unable to catch him the miscreants broke the Surgery room window and other parts of the eye department.

The main accused was Kabir Mohandeep (former supervisor of the hospital) who came along with 5 accomplices.

According to sources, the surgeon did not know the motive behind the attack.

While working for the hospital, Kabir was caught red-handed by the Vigilance department on charges of bribery.

Sources say Kabir felt that the surgeon might be behind the investigation and hence attacked him.

After this incident came to light, Susant Kumar Behera, ADMO (Assistant District Medical Officer) informed the Police.

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