Odisha Schools To Reopen For Classes 1-8

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government on Saturday announced that the schools in the state will reopen for classes from 1st to 8th soon.

The SOPs for the reopening of the school is in progress, informs School and Mass Education Minister Samir Ranjan Dash.

The decision to start classroom teaching for the students of Classes 1  to 8 was taken after reopening of Anganwadi Centres.

Moreover, a detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) keeping in view the COVID-19 guidelines is being prepared by the SRC department.

The exact dates for reopening of the classes has not been clarified by the minister.

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  1. Colin Mark Carrison says

    Opening of schools from classes 1 to 8 by the Odisha Govt. is all very good, but who will take the responsibility in the event of some student or teacher contracting COVID-19, will the school be responsible,no I don’t think so because they have had to open on the advise of the government and the government will wash their hands off.
    Children are going to be put to a very high risk which we parents can’t afford to take, therefore the government should rethink on this issue instead of putting our children to risk.
    Since we parents have waited for almost one year,let us wait a little longer till the situation is much better.

    1. Namrata Das says


    2. Banoj says

      Class 1 to 8 should reopen with a new session with promoting all children to their next class.

  2. Addya Mishra says

    See…Kids are meeting their friends after a year.Won’t they touch each other and do a handshake???Nobody is going to be responsible if the kids get the virus..If any teacher or the parents of the kids had contracted with corona it is still not safe….A bad idea.If anything happens to the kuds it is all the goverment’s and school’s fault…..

    1. Nabjit Nanda says

      It is a bad idea,if anything happens to the kids then, who will be responsible for it…

      1. Manish ojha says

        Yes you are right

  3. rishabh kumar jain says

    please open our school soon

  4. NISHANT BOSE says


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