Odisha Royal Family Dispute: Arkesh Singhdeo Files Complaint against In-Law

A case of racial slur filed against Balangir Royal family daughter-in-law Adrija by Arkesh Narayan Singhdeo's house helper in Dehradun.

Balangir: The marital dispute in the royal family of Odisha’s Balangir is intensifying. The dispute has taken a new turn in the domestic violence case brought by daughter-in-law Adrija Manjari Singhdeo against Balangir royal family.

The police have registered a case of racial slur against Adrija and her father Ajay Singh on the basis of a report by Rabita Jha, a female help working at Arkesh Narayan Singhdeo’s house in Dehradun.

A case has also been registered against Adrija’s sister Rucha and driver Sonu.

Earlier, a case was registered against Arkesh Narayan Singhdeo. The Dehradun police had registered a case against five people on the basis of a complaint by his spouse Adrija Manjari pertaining to allegations of domestic violence, dowry harassment and an attempt to murder against her in-laws.

Adrija Manjari is the granddaughter of former PM Vishwanath Pratap Singh. Whereas, Arkesh is the younger son of Anang Uday Singhdeo. She got married into the royal family’s prince Arkesh Narayan Singhdeo in 2017.

In 2019, Arkesh was the MLA candidate of Balangir assembly constituency. At this time, Adrija was campaigning with her husband. Their marital world was visibly happy and joyous. Now there is a family dispute.

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