Odisha: Road Safety Rule Violation Leads To Suspension Of 16,820 DLs In Two Months

Bhubaneswar: The Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) across Odisha suspended as many as 16,820 driving licences for violations of road safety rules in January and February this year. This was informed by the State Transport Authority (STA) today.

While 7,960 DLs were suspended in January 8,860 DLs were suspended in February, 2021, revealed a report of the STA. The DLs were suspended for violation of different traffic rules like drunken driving, over speeding, red light jumping, overload, using mobile phone while driving, carrying passengers in goods vehicle and not wearing helmet by rider or pillion.

According to the STA reports, a total of 1,922 DLs were suspended due to overspeeding and 316 for drunken driving while as many as 1,322 DLs were suspended for using mobile phones while riding/driving vehicles.

Likewise, 282 DLs, 387 DLs and 313 DLs were suspended by the RTOs for red light jumping, for overloading and for carrying passengers in goods vehicles respectively.

Similarly, violation of the helmet rule by either the rider or the pillion rider led to the suspension of 11,613 driving licences.

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