Odisha’s 2nd coronavirus +ve found, a 19 yr-old male from Bhubaneswar, returned from UK


Bhubaneswar: On Thursday the second case of COVID 19 positive found in Odisha. As per updated report he is from Bhubaneswar. He had visited to the United Kingdom, which is also one of the Coronavirus affected countries at present.

As per latest report about the second case, the affected person is a 19 year old male. He had returned from the UK on March 18. He was identified coronavirus affected on March 19 and accordingly kept on isolation. His family members have also been kept in quarantine. He had come in contact with 46 persons. Out of them 43 people have been contacted and kept in isolation. The rest 3 people are yet to be found. However, 8 monitoring teams have been engaged to find the said three persons.

The above information was received from the Health and Family Welfare Ministry, Govt. of Odisha. Odisha Govt’s COVID 19 spokesperson Subroto Bagchi intimated about it in a presser today in Bhubaneswar.


Original article:

Odisha reports its 2nd positive Coronavirus case

Bhubaneswar: Odisha on Thursday reported its second positive case of coronavirus infection.

Official sources said, the person who has been infected with the COVID 19 virus had travelled to affected country.

“Today 14 samples were tested at RMRC Bhubaneswar out of which one is positive for COVID2019,” the Department of Health and Family Welfare tweeted little while ago.

Earlier on March 15, the state reported its first coronavirus positive case. The 31-year old coronavirus infected patient has been admitted at the Capital Hospital here. His condition was reportedly stable and improving.

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  1. Kumar says

    Dear all,
    I have surrender for covid 19 test in capital hospital after returned from UAE. I was having all the similar symptoms of a affected person. How ever even after several days of self quorentine in my home I was again kept for one day observation in a unorganised facility till the sample is collected for test in Capital hospital which I can’t explain here.
    Question is why a day qurentine when symptoms are evident. This delays the patient with sufferings as well as govt to identify subsequent positive cases and also having a chance of secondary contamination of persons in the isolation ward. Do u think chin has succeeded to control this pandamic like this?

  2. Surojit sarkar says

    Gharo bhare kahe na baharile bhairas ki jite pariba doya kori kahi ghru baharuntu nahi

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