Odisha records 43 % growth rate in GST Collection during December 2021

Bhubaneswar: The Goods and Services Tax (GST) collection of Odisha has touched new heights with a collection of Rs 4080.14 Cr during December 2021 as against Rs 2860.20 Cr. collected during December 2020 registering a growth of 43%.

The growth of collection during December 2021 is also the highest amongst major states for the 4th consecutive month. This is also the second-highest ever gross collection of GST by the state since launch of GST.

The progressive GST collection till December 2021 is Rs 32113 Cr. against Rs. 20089 Cr till December 2020 with growth of 60%. The corresponding collection till December 2019 was Rs. 21750 Cr.

The collection of OGST during the month of Dec 2021 is Rs 1118.65 Cr against a collection of Rs 765.26 Cr. during December 2020 recording a robust growth of 46.18%. The collection of Rs. 1118.65 Cr during Dec 2021 is also the 3rd highest ever gross collection of OGST by the state since the inception of GST.

There is also collection of Rs 973.79 Cr. in CGST, Rs 1267.63 in IGST & 720.07 Cr. in Cess during December 2021 recording a growth of 65.21%, 31.26% & 33.40% over December 2020 respectively.

Gross GST Collection during the 3rd quarter of 2021-22 (Oct-Dec) is Rs 11809.26 Cr. recording a growth of 51.08% against the 3rd quarter of 2020-21.

Growth in GST is mostly driven by mining and manufacturing sectors. Sectoral analysis of Top 100 dealer’s GST payments in cash reveals that Rs 8595 Cr. of gross revenue (CGST+SGST+IGST+CESS) was collected from the mining sector during the current FY vis-à-vis Rs. 4714 Cr collected from the same dealers during corresponding period of last FY with a growth of 83%. The successful auction of iron ore mines last year by the State Government is contributing significantly in increase in tax revenue this year.

Manufacturing Sector has also recorded a growth of 142% with a collection of Rs. 8157.93 Cr during the current FY vis-à-vis collection of Rs. 3374.61 Cr in last FY from top 100 dealers. This is largely due to increase in prices of steel and other metal related products in the 1st two quarters of 21-22.

Similarly, Service Sector, Trading Sector and Works Contract Sector have also recorded a growth of 72%, 89% and 46% in the current FY over the corresponding period of last year.

The total collection of VAT (Petrol & Liquor) is Rs. 759.72 Cr. during Dec‘21 as against Rs.691.47 Cr during Dec ’20 with growth rate of 9.87 %. Out of the above, collection from Petroleum Products is Rs. 589.04 Cr. during Dec ‘21 as against Rs. 558.85 Cr during Dec ‘20 with growth rate of 5.40%.

Similarly, collection of VAT from Liquor is Rs. 170.67 Cr. during Dec ‘21 as against Rs. 132.61 Cr during December 20 with growth rate of 28.70%

Growth during the current FY is also a result of better non filer management and regular return scrutiny by Circles combined with enforcement activities which have resulted in better compliance by taxpayers.

A special two month’s drive for “survey and registration” of all potential GST & Profession Tax Payers throughout the State was completed recently during which nearly 19,000 persons were contacted by State Tax Officers out of which 3727 eligible taxpayers were bought under the GST fold and 3305 eligible persons were bought under the Profession Tax fold. During the current FY, so far 35724 nos. of new taxpayers have been bought under the GST fold.

Further, during the current FY, 11482 nos. of assessment have been initiated against defaulters for non filing of returns.

The total e-waybill generated during December ’21 was 16.21 Lakh against 14.08 Lakh during December ’20 witnessing a growth of 15%.

Commissioner of CT & GST, Sri. Sushil Kumar Lohani, IAS has instructed the field officers to ensure at least 90% return filing, return scrutiny of all suspected/ big taxpayers as well as prompt demand and recovery in case of notice of any irregularities.

He also advised the officers to adhere to the principles of 5T and attend to the genuine grievances of the taxpayers without fail.

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