Odisha: Once Salipur Block Vice Chairman, woman now grazing goats for livelihood

Cuttack: Within a few days from today the Panchayat elections will be held in Odisha. After nomination, now many candidates are campaigning in the field. Once upon a time Manjulata Samal from Tarito village in Salipur area of Cuttack district was also campaigning for the election. Accordingly, she became the vice chairman of Salipur Block in the year 2007. She continued till the end of her tenure of 5 years. Then, she worked along with the then Salipur Block Chairman and sitting MLA of Cuttack Sadar Chandra Sarathi Behera. However, these days she is living a poor life.

It is said Manjulata served people without any self-interest and thus she has not hoarded any property for her. Earlier she was living in a wretched house that includes a broken house and a goat shed. However, as the condition of the house worsened she shifted to the house of her father-in-law along with her husband and kids.

Though her husband is sick, still he works as a labourer these days while Manjulata goes to graze the goats after finishing the household chores daily. The family runs with a low income. Due to poverty her kids are deprived of school education.

When Manjulata was in power, today’s her wretched house was the centre of many important meetings. Many ward members and citizens were crowding in front of this house.

Now, as the former leader is in a poor condition, still she has not asked for any help. Yet, her neighbours and husband have sought help from the government.

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