Odisha launches Hirakud cruise; An exciting offer for wildlife lovers

Odisha government has launched a new travel package which will let travelers get the experience of cruises in the Hirakud reservoir in addition to bird watching and wildlife sightseeing.

The cruise services in the Hirakud reservoir will be starting from August.

As the reservoir is situated near the Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary, the state government hopes to give the tourists a thrilling experience with the combination of the Hirakud cruise and wildlife sightseeing.

The govt is expecting the site to become a major eco-tourism hub, which in turn will help to improve the economy of the local community.

The Hirakud cruise is going to be part of a package which includes bird watching, and wildlife sightseeing, said the forest officials.

The Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary is widely known for great experiences, sightseeing, and more. Animals regularly visit the reservoir to drink water, and this will be a great opportunity for tourists to see animals in the wild, in their natural habitat.

Anshu Pragyan Das, the Divisional Forest Officer of Hirakud Division said that the cruise package will contain eight tourists in every batch, and they will get to cruise the reservoir for an hour.

The officer also added that locals are being trained to be part of the programme, and more importantly, the eco-tourism spots are being managed by the local communities. He said this is because they are the ones who help to conserve the forest, and in turn reap the benefits.

The Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary is also hoping to attract the tourists with a great adventure by opening the three islands– sunset island, cattle island, and the island of bats to them.

Each island presents a unique opportunity to see the natural attractions of this area.

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