Odisha Jharaphula death: Family Members Threaten Mass Immolation

Bhubaneswar: Even as 20 days have passed to the death of Ramadevi University student, Jharaphula, the case is yet to be solved. Police are yet to give any concrete reason for her death.

Jajpur police have arrested the main accused Rakesh Swain, alleged boyfriend of Jharaphula, but are yet to trace Rakesh’s aide Shakti Shekhar who helped him in dumping the body and the scooter used in the crime.

Earlier, the cops had carried out the scene recreation at the guest house where Jharaphula and Rakesh had stayed the night before her death.

Meanwhile, more mysterious revelations are being made on the behaviour of Rakesh. A woman, Sushama Nayak of Jharaphula’s village has accused Rakesh of killing a person during last year’s Holi celebration. She claimed that Rakesh had himself admitted to his crime.

“He had been seeking shelter in Jharaphula’s village after the murder and was engaged in plumbing work,” Sushama, a priest in the village said adding that Rakesh had also offerred 108 coconuts in the village temple.

On the other hand, the health condition of Jharaphula’s father has been deteriorating day by day. He was admitted to the local medical after his BP was high, but was discharged after treatment.

jharaphula death case

Even as the cops have got the post-mortem and viscera report, they are yet to confirm the exact reason for Jharaphula’s death. This has not gone well with family members  of the deceased who have threatened to mass immolate themselves in Bhubaneswar if justice was not provided in the case.

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