Odisha gears up for Kartika Purnima

Bhubaneswar: The month of Kartika is glorified in the Puranas as one of the sacred months in the traditional Hindu lunar calendar. It is celebrated on the full moon day or the fifteenth day of the lunar month of Kartika (November –December). The whole of the Kartika month is considered holiest of the months and people observe fast during this month which is well known as Kartika Damodar Brata in Odisha.

In Odisha, the occasion of  Kartika Purnima is well known as Boita Bandana Utsav in Odisha in the month of Kartika. This day is marked as utmost holy and all the Hindus celebrate it with joy and fervour.

Mainly the old widows follow this month as sacred and offer prayer and listen to pravachan and also bhajan, kirtan while keeping fast.

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The oldies, called ‘Habisyalis’   visit Puri for a monthly stay and pay their gratitude to the Gods near the Tulsi plant. Most of the people in this month do not take non-veg due to Kartika brata. The Odia people are very particular about this Kartika brata as this is a holy month.

The Purnima day or the full moon day is noticed as the end of the month of Kartika. On this day the remarkable Boita Bandana Utsav takes place every year.

In Odisha, there is a maritime history attached with this holy occasion. The business community marks this occasion as the day which is historically very important for them. Years back those business community sailed to many miles in search of establishing their business. They created this maritime history and they were well known as “Sadhabas”.

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