Odisha: Fox attack in Kendrapara, 30 injured in just 2 days

Fox attack in Kendrapara district of Odisha has been causing a lot of tension among the people. As many as 30 have been injured in two days.

Aul: The people of Kendrapara district in Odisha have been living in constant terror of fox attacks, said reports. According to available as many as 30 people have been attacked in a span of just two day.

Reportedly, people are afraid to step out of their homes. Whenever they are stepping out of the houses, they are forced to carry sticks so that they can defend themselves.

Atleast 30 people including many Bolbam devotees who were traveling to Akhandalmani have been bitten and injured in the fox attack in Kendarpara.

People from other areas of the district including Niala, Gaudapatna, Shasan, Shalianch, Gopalajiu Patna were injured due to fox bites.

As the fox come out and attack suddenly, there is severe panic in the village. The Aul Health Center has been provided with preventive vaccines for fox bite victims. Along with this, the local residents have demanded protection from the clutches of the fox.

Detailed reports awaited in this matter.

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