Odisha: Entry Of Media Persons Without Permission Prohibited In Schools, Edu Min Responds

Dhenkanal: Media persons can no longer enter school premises without prior permission of the school authorities.

A directive regarding the above matter has been issued to all the school headmasters by the Kankadahad Block Education Officer (BEO) in Dhenkanal district.

The letter to all the headmasters reads as follows:

“Regret that some of the media person enter in room and school premises without taking permission from the authority.”

The letter further reads:

“Media person holding camera entering in the school and asking different question to students and teachers with view to humiliating them and some TV channels are airing those videos.

The letter also warns that: “It is not ethical and permissible” Hence the headmasters are directed to not allow any media persons into the school campus or class room.

The letter further directs strictly that:

If without any permission such activities are done by the camera man or media persons, the school Headmaster should report it to the Police and lodge a complaint against the erring media person immediately.

The Odisha School and Mass Education Minister Samir Ranjan Das has responded in this matter, he has asked the media representatives of various channels to cooperate and not to over interfere in such matters, this is a “local matter” he added.


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