Odisha: Disfigured body of 18-yr-old girl recovered from Puri Beach

Puri: In a shocking incident, the disfigured body of a 18-yr-old girl was recovered from Puri Beach in the early morning hours on Tuesday.

The girl had allegedly gone missing since three days said the family members of the girl who hails from Madhya Pradesh.

It is worth mentioning here that, the girl and her family had come to Puri as tourists.

The disfigured body of the 18-year-old girl in her underwear was found in the beach near the Penthakata area, five km from Swaragadwar in Puri.

The police sources say that the body was recovered in a very gruesome state. The face had been burnt completely using some kind of acid and the fingers had been cut off.

The body of the girl was however identified by the father if the girl due to the earrings an the nosepin.

The police have recovered the body and sent it for postmortem. They have also registered an unnatural death (UD) case in this matter.

According to reports, the family of the girl claims that she might be kidnapped, raped, tortured, then killed and thrown into the sea.

The family members have demanded a high level enquiry into the matter so that they can give justice to their daughter.

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