Odisha: Crocodile rescued from Mahanadi in Cuttack

Cuttack: The crocodile, which had been witnessed from Madhusudan Setu in Cuttack of Odisha on January 28, has been rescued today. As it had got entangled in fishing net, a special team of the Forest Department ventured caught it and freed from the net. Later, it was released to the river water.

As per reports, a special team of the Forest Department ventured into Mahanadi in three boats and caught the crocodile that had been entangled in fishing net. Later, they freed the crocodile from the net after a five hour operation.

Mahanadi crocodile rescue yojana advisor Prof. Sudarshan Maharana said that from 2019 Radio and Satellite transmitters had been fixed to 17 crocodiles on different occasions. The reason behind coming of the crocodiles to the lower catchment areas of Mahanadi is due to the blasting for fishing purpose in the upper catchment as well as blasting in the quarries by the side of the River. Earlier, many crocodiles died due to the same reason. Also, the crocodiles are coming to the lower catchment in search of food.

The said crocodile in Mahanadi is not a harmful species. Due to the deep water in the river the operation was delayed a bit. The three teams engaged in the rescue operation were from the Athagarh Forest Division, Chandaka Forest Division and Nandankanan, Maharana also informed.

It is to be noted that people had witnessed a huge crocodile in the water of Mahanadi River in Cuttack on January 28. It had been witnessed from the Madhusudan Setu. Large number of people gathered on the bridge to witness the creature. Later, it was released to Mahanadi.

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