Odisha: Assistant Director Handicrafts Caught Red-handed While Accepting Bribe

Jajpur: Assistant Director, Handicrafts of Jajpur Road has been apprehended by Odisha Vigilance while demanding and accepting bribe Rs 20,000 on Tuesday.

The officer has been identified as Pravat Mishra.

The bribe was being accepted through Laxmipriya Maharana, Masters of Craftsman (MCM)(Contractual) employee of his office.

The bribe was being offered by the Complainant (Trainer of Handicraft ) to facilitate payment of his pending bills of Rs. 76,500.

The entire bribe money has been recovered from Mishra and seized. In this connection the Cuttack Vigilance  has registered a case.

Investigation in progress against Mishra and Maharana.

Simultaneous searches are being done at Dual Height Apartment, Patia, Bhubaneswar and  in house No 209, rented house at Badambadi, Cuttack and the paternal house of Pravat Mishra located at Sundergarh as well as residential house of Laxmipriya Maharana in Jajpur district.

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  1. piri says

    The true nature of odia people

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