Odisha Appoints 3 Secretaries To Monitor Covid-19 Situation In 3 Districts

Bhubaneswar: The government of Odisha has appointed three  secretaries to oversee and monitor the coronavirus situation in three districts of the State.

Jajpur, Bhadrak and Balasore will be put under three separate secretaries, who will tackle the rising cases of Covid-19 and look for measures for successful containment.

Through an official order, the three secretaries who have been directed to make an on-site visit and review the coronavirus related management system and assist the district administrations are:


  1. S.K. Lohani, Principal Secretary, Excise:  Bhadrak
  2. Dr. P.K. Meherda, Secretary to Governor:  Jajpur
  3. S.K. Vashishth, Special Secretary, Agriculture & FE: Balasore



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